November 27, 2019

Tuesday, November 26th 2019

Wow the meaningful meeting of the AORC of the Oblate Brothers had already finished just yesterday. So many insights we get from this conference, especially for us the youngsters Oblate Brothers from Indonesia. We could learn from the elder Oblate Brothers how to strive to be Oblate Missionary in the twentieth era. To be the Oblate Brothers in this era, we must adapt ourselves with the global developments through so many various skills, either hard skills or soft skills, which are needed to spread the Gospel and the joyful life as an Oblate Brother in the challenges world of these days.

After the meeting, most of the participants one by one come back to their provinces, except us the Indonesian Oblate Brothers. We still continue to journey to have some experiences in visiting the Oblate Missions in the Philippines’ Province.

Today we go, from the Oblate Missionary Center (OMC) which is in Quezon City to the Ninoy Manila International Airport to the Davao International Airport. We went at 01.00 am in local time, and we arrived in the Manila Airport at 1.50 am. Our flight to Davao was at   4. 00 AM. It needs 2 hours from Manila Airport to Davao Airport. Around 6 O'clock in the morning, all of the Indonesian Oblate Brothes & Father Widi OMI (our honorary brother) whose accompanied by Brother Gonie OMI had touched down in the "Land of Promise", Davao City.

Along the road of Davao City, we see this city is managed very well, almost there is no traffic, even no rubbish also on the road, so clean and here the people are not allowed to smoke, so we can breath in the fresh air in this city. I think, Davao has a concept of Green City, eventhough it is a city but they still look after the nature as well. That's why this City, is called as the "Land of Promise" just as our vocation as Oblate Brothers so promising as long as we can look after our prayer life in the middle of our high mobililty in various ministries which are believed to us by the Congregation.

From the airport of Davao, we go to the place which name is (Kidapawan). First of all we visit the Oblate Galilee Farm.

Oblate Galilee Farm is placed on Sitio Bugwak, Malangag, Antipas, Cotabato. This is the place for Agricultural Training Center which runs by the Oblate (Father Je OMI). This place has missions those are, to establish a model which will serve as a school on the ground of sustainable agriculture within a clean, green, polution and chemical free environment, to repair the damage done to God's creation by being for the local environment, a kind of DEXTROSE through:

D    : Demonstration

EX  : Experimentation

TR  : Training

O    :  Oxygenation

S    : Services

E    : Extension,

To demonstrate to uplanders some technologies relevant to their particular farming environment, and to build bridges between people separated by race and religion.

Here, we see there are so many plants and some animals such as: goats, pecking ducks, pigs, fish, cows, etc.

After from this place, we continue our journey to the other Oblate Mission namely the NDBC. What is NDBC, NDBC is acronim for Notre Dame Broadcast Corporation which runs by the OMI to spread the Gospel through Media Social such as Radio. The NDBC mission is to inspire and empower our   "Chief Executive Listeners" through Credible News, Informative Entertainment, and Responsible Journalism and deliver Superior Value to our partners.

After more than  a half day to visit some Oblate Mission, we stay for a night at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Retreat House in (Kidapawan) which runs by the OMI also. Here there are 2 Oblates in managing the retreat house, those are Brother Joe Aduante OMI & Father Hill Butacion OMI. The land of this retreat house so huge, around 17 hectars. So these are our inspiring, amazing and wonderful journey for today as Indonesian Oblate Brothers in visiting some missions in the OMI Philippines Province.

(Written by: Bro. Jojo Adhi Samudro, OMI)

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